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Are You Lost?

are you lost? magnify


Have you ever had a day where you were searching for something and you were sure you knew where it was, but then you went there and what you were looking for was not found? So you keep searching…? I can’t tell you how many times I have been in that situation.. Isn’t it frustrating? However, once you forget about the thing you’re searching for, you find it nine times out of ten.

This not only applies to martial things but also to physical, emotional, and spiritual things as well. Here are some things I have searched for: a husband to feel needed and wanted; A purpose in life, to feel important, and to know where I am going; My keys, I am always misplacing them; and for a fiery passion towards God, my spiritual needs.

As a teen I went through a very rough break up, a lot of health situations (Heart surgeries, comas, strokes ect.) I became furious at God and I doubted his care for me. I started looking elsewhere into other things. But what I found was more pain, more anger, and everything I didn’t want. The same goes for looking for my purpose and other things, I felt less important, and less needed then I ever wanted to feel. I was doing everything except trusting in God to take care of me and my needs, emotionally, physically, financially, and mentally…

Thankfully before my third surgery I was shown how I had changed for the worst and I hated the new me. I was cruel, controlling, angry, and not the Amy I was. I had become someone else someone I despised. I went back to church not knowing what to do and I joined in the before service praise and worship prayer meeting. And during the worship I heard the song “Draw me Close To You” and I did. I asked for his forgiveness and I found peace. Such an intense peace I could not have comprehended it to request it. It changed my life.

So while I was looking for an escape I found things I didn’t want and when I finally gave up and let God. And I found something much better. I have lost many things sometimes it takes me days to find. I get panicky and frantic but then I remember I need to pray and soon after I find what I was looking for.

Don’t get caught up in the bad, even though at times it can be very overwhelming. Because with God anything is possible and he will open doors for you and give you the things or something much better. But He cannot until you give your problems up to him. Until you trust in him to take care of you, he can’t do anything. So set your pride aside and pull out your humility. Then you will see doors opening where you have never seen them before, your path will be clearer, and your heart will be lifted. It is not as easy as it sounds, it is a consistent battle, but well worth it. I can’t express how my life has changed. You just need to trust that God can do the same for you. As people say “Let go and Let God”.

That’s all for now,

God Bless you, Merry Christmas, Happy New year, and Thank you for reading.

~Deeply Rooted in Him Staff Member,

~*The Lady Bug