Deeply Rooted In Him

Walking With God, Spreading the Good News, and Deepening our roots in His word together.

The Team

We started this with three people in 2006. Currently, we have one active author and two video bloggers.  They are listed below.  We are all called to be ambassadors unto Christ and are living examples of God’s works and love.


Gratefully Restored  


 VloggerA wise woman of God who has been to bible school, who has lived by faith, who has called forth healing, and miracles.

Gratefully Restored YouTube



Pure Love -Amy Jane Sandberg 


Author, Blogger, and vlogger. A woman of God, who has lived miracles and is firm in her faith. She is determined to spread God’s love to all. Though it can be hard. She believes everyone is a living miracle and is important.

Pure Love YouTube




♥  Editor, prayer warrior faithful servant unto God, diligent and organized, shy, yet strong in her faith. She is a rare jewel where peace and joy flow from.

Stan The Go Man


♥  Vlogger  –  He is a man of faith who doesn’t give up. A real renaissance man with wisdom and humor. He hopes to encourage others with various projects.





♥Vlogger, writer, poet, Mother, comedian, a  strong woman of faith.

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