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I have notice so many people are hungry now days. Not hungry by the lack of food, but emotionally, mentally, and physically.  People are searching for something that will fill where they are lacking.  But in things that won’t really help.  Such as: Sex, alcohol, gambling, false idols.

We as the human race are at the time of major changes personally and globally.  Change is hard and so many people are looking for something to cling to sustain them, especially, now around the holidays.

I noticed around Christmas I begin to think about the year past, all I didn’t accomplish, achieve, and am still lacking… I specifically seem to dwell on failures and what I don’t have yet in my life. For example, I should have a book done by now, I wish I had my boyfriend here to share the holidays with. As a result; I get more sensitive, cranky, and lonely….

But then Christmas Eve rolls around and I become extremely thankful for what I have, and all that has happened, and those in my life….   The holiday’s takes a toll on us: Families, friends, money, gifts you want to give and get, trying to prepare the perfect atmosphere for a few days…..  It can be very overwhelming…  One becomes desperate, anxious, hungry…..  It just has to be “PERFECT”.

This year more than other years I realize people seem more then desperate, they are starving for acknowledgment, closeness, success, achievement.. Yet most are going the wrong way. Instead of turning to God, they are running to what they think will fill the void, only to find it growing deeper…

I have also realized that Christmas is one month out  of the year, better yet  only for my family about 36 hours of festivities… Then next we bring in the New Year, and the cycle starts over….  Nothing really changes……

This year I am choosing to skip the pity party that seem to have already started and go straight to that thankful atmosphere. By doing so, I lose a lot of wasted time, and by choosing to be happy, I hope I can help others be happy around me…. But it starts with a choice. I have to choose to change. It is not going to be easy, but nothing really worth it is easy… I am not going to dig a hole and burrow in my emotions; instead I am asking God for hand up, and joy to replace the stress, grief, loneliness, and frustration….

I am filling up on God’s word, I am eating the preaching’s of the pastors I love and drinking in the scriptures my friends are sharing…  I am not close to becoming full yet, but I am also not starving anymore, not in the way I was before.  I wish I could feed everyone this way too. So that they will not be hungry anymore! I pray for all the lost sheep out there. The people who don’t know what they are looking for…

I want to be a good example of Christ and who He is, so that the hungry people around me can be fed…

I urge you to look to God to fill   your plate. Not the internet, not the tv, not shopping, nor in other people. What you’re looking for can only be found in one place…  In Christ! I do not know how to explain it however once you let Christ in your life changes and you no longer fill empty, if you truly let Him in… I still feel lonely, not in the same way…

Don’t wait till Christmas to unwrap this Gift. It’s yours now, waiting with your name on it. For God so loved YOU, He gave His only Begotten son, Jesus Christ, so that who so ever believes in Him, shall have everlasting life. ~ John 3:16

If you already have Him in your heart I suggest you reevaluate your relationship and do as I am and submerse yourself in His word! Give yourself the best Christmas of all, and remember the reason for the season. He is the greatest comfort!

God Bless you,

Merry Christmas~

♥ Amy Jane ♥

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Expect New Stuff Soon..

Hello My Friends!!!


Expect our first articles by Thursday! We are working hard to get them done and follow God’s guidance in writing them. We have already started them and are working hard to finish them before Thanksgiving. They will be up by Wednesday night or Thursday day the latest.

Our starting goal is to do one Major Update a week, with lots of things to offer. We are very excited in doing this, I can’t even begin to explain every thing that has gone into this with out boring you. Keep us in prayer that we follow God’s will for this not our own.. And Please Bookmark us, tell your friends, and check in at least once a week please.

I won’t tell you what we have in the works, we want to surprise you , after the first issue you will have an idea, but we won’t have the same stuff every week, and maybe extras some weeks. Our Main goal is to get the word out and a web page when the time is right we will begin that. We will keep you updated on what we are doing.

So until then please tell us what topic you would like to read about. Ask a question, what you think about what we are doing. We rely as we can.. And We will be using Nicknames instead of our real names to protect us from those who persecute Christians.

God Bless You!!
~The Lady Bug

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Slowly Blooming

Slowly Blooming
Slowly Blooming magnify

We would like to invite you to come and grow with us. We have had it on our hearts for some time now to evangelize, the How has been a question for some time. Until recently we didn’t know where to start. Then God put it in our hearts to get the good news out in several ways. Starting a small 2 sided paper, and a website. We are working on the website now Praying about which host to use and preparing the first issue paper which will be also on our website.

Our Goals you ask?

1. Get the Word of God out there more, Spread His love, care, and most important The salvation of Jesus!!

2. Get the Ten Commandments out there more, sad but true we have found that many people local and else where haven’t even heard them once. 😦

3. Help you and us grow our roots deeper in his path for us, and build our personal relationships, fellowship, and faith in God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit.

Well that is all for now, I can’t give away too much just yet..

Please Pray that we follow Gods will, and God Bless you all!!
~D.R.I.H. Staff Member