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One Step At a Time. (Real Life Story)

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Sometimes life is great and almost perfect. Other times  life is overwhelming  and so much so you find your wits end. Unfortunately the latter is the most common. And we find ourselves having trouble with the simplest of tasks as well as the major ones. Such as paying attention while doing dishes so you do not hurt yourself, or training for a marathon. What ever it is it is important that you remember to breath.


I was worried about many things and far from home. I was challenged by my sister to walk up the last 1/3  of a mountain to the tip top where a large wooden cross can be seen.

I was sacred. Just walking to the trail from the tram, I was out of breath. I had been walking trails daily and one day I walked at most 8miles. The most I have done in years. And this was a lot less then that. Probably about 3 miles at most. But the trail was hard. I had to stop every thirty seconds it seamed.

After the only five minuets I begin to panic. There was no way I could walk this trail. And definitely no way I could make it all the way to the tip top, where the cross was. It was a narrow trail, full of rocks and raised roots.  Most of the time it was  extremely close to the edge of the cliff or a ravine. It was muddy,  slippery in many places, and the stairs had no railings. I collapsed on a rock on the side of the path and told my sister to go on with out me. She reluctantly walked away saying she was gonna check out the next part up some stairs.  She has such a sad look on her face. I do not recall exactly why, but I got up and walked to her at the top of the stairs.  I told her I would walk the normal path but not to the cross. She did not argue. You should know this trial is one large loop. From the tram around the mountain top and back to the tram. With a side trail to the Cross. You could go either way depending on your preference. One side had lots of stairs and one had mostly natural trail. We chose to go trial up,   stairs down.  (Something else you should know I am allergic to some bees)

Many people passed us, most on their way down… (most seemed to have chosen Stairs up) 9 out of 10 had something encouraging to say. “It is well worth it, The view is spectacular.”  was the most common. And it was a most spectacular view even from the bottom of the trail. It was breath taking and surreal.  We were almost half way when we came across the path to the cross. My sister told me she would regret it if she did not go and I told her I would wait at the observation that they had at the fork.

Again she said ok. And I watched her walk away. Yet again  I  felt the sudden need to go with her. Even though at this point my chest burned as if on fire inside, every time I took in a breath. I stood up from where I was sitting and followed. Less then a minuet latter I found myself  hunched over in tears. I could not breath, I could not see. I was loosing consciousness I knew it.. Before I could fall, i was falling to the ground I stopped my self with my hands and I took authority over my body and started praying in the spirit. The verse Philippians 4:13 came to mind. “I can do all things Through Christ who strengthens me.” and I could hear God say in a faint whisper. “Just take a step” so I obeyed. “take another step” I obeyed.  I was seeing spots every where but my vision was back. I was did not tell my sister what I was going through,   but I am sure she knew I was struggling. I repeated the verse out loud, over and over again for about five steps. I was still hunched as I walked but I was moving forward. We still had a bit to go,  I was moving very slow saying the verse out loud and in my head over and over again with every step. Unsure if my Body would obey my will. And I heard with every step now.  “One Step At a Time” I kept my eyes on the ground and obeyed. I quoted “My Strength is renewed like Eagles”  Isaiah 40:31 and Psalms 103:5

Around a corner there was a swarm of bees. I was scared but I put on my jacket held it tightly cosed, with the hood up and kept walking, but a bit faster. Everything hurt and I felt   Before long we made it to the cross. I can not explain in full words the Joy and feeling of success I had at that moment. I was was moved to tears, if there were not people there already I would have cried. But since there were I did the only thing I could. I hugged the cross and I praised God! And I used the opportunity to witness to those already there. I don’t know if  what God has done for me touched them or not but I do know I planted a seed..   Also I know there was no way I could have made it up there on my own.  God was there with me all the way up. And once we made it there my Energy was resorted just like the verse. It was as if I had not just struggled up all that way.  It was as if I had just woke up full of energy. God had restored my strength like an Eagle just as the verses I was saying before.  No one but God could have done that for me!  It not only did it help me learn to listen better it helped to teach me to be obedient, and on top of it all I felt extremely loved and and full of peace too…  I am not sharing this so you will go out and do something drastic to get closer to God.  I am sharing this to show you that God is always with us and willing and will help you in your time of need. All you have to do is call on him and trust him, and do as he tells you.  I had no choice not to do as he said. I was stuck up high, I could have gone down alone but I did not know my way. So I decided to trust God to give me what I needed to continue on. And he did and now my faith in him is stronger and I know I can do anything with him at my side.

D.R.I.H. Staff The Lady Bug

Author: Amy Jane Sandberg

~God Bless You!~

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