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Walking With God, Spreading the Good News, and Deepening our roots in His word together.

Watch What You Throw Away

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Today I went to throw out some trash and when I looked in I found that my nephew had added to the trash. There on the top was the DVD / VCR player remote and His favored sippy cup. He is now in the habit of helping us clean and though it is cute we have to keep a close eye on what he puts in the trash now. And I got to thinking…..

How much do we Christians take for granted? How many important things do we forget, treat like trash, take fr granted, or throw out?? Take a minuet and look over your own life right now……………

Personally I am not taking the time I need to with God, to strengthen myself and to lean more. Also I have let the Devil use my anger towards those I love.. It is not all the Devil’s fault. I have a free will but I didn’t stop myself. Plus more… I am ashamed of myself and I need to work at paying more attention to what is important in life……… A missing shoe compares not to a sad sister.. Small example…

Metaphorically if we look at what my nephew threw out I think of. The Remote – Control over our own actions, thoughts and words.. VERY IMPORTANT! The Sippy Cup – I think of the living watter that quenches our thirst.. Jesus… MOST IMPORTANT! Where would we be with out him. I know I would be dead for sure…. But what else is important to you?? For me it is God-Jesus-The Holy Spirit, My Bible, My family, Friends, My Pets My Home, My Car, food, and my books.. Other then that nothing else matters to me really……

What can you do to your life to remind yourself not to throw away what is important in life?? Make a list, think about it, pray about it……….

God Bless you!!
The Lady Bug

Author: deeplyrootedinhim

Walking With God, Spreading the Good News, and Deepening our roots in His word together.

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