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Merry Christmas!!! And Happy New Year!!!

Merry Christmas!!! And Happy New Year!!! magnify
Merry Christmas!!! And Happy New Year!!!
I have a lot to write you today, not sure where to start so here I go,
sorry it took me so long…

This is my favored time of year for many reasons Such as: The weather and the fact that I love the holiday season. Thanksgiving through New Year’s… All because of:  the giving, sharing, thankfulness, anticipation of new, beginnings, joy, and so much more in the air. I love the lights, the trees, the food, and most of all the family you generally get to spend time with. Family to me is close friends and relatives..

Sadly though, this time of year brings stress, anger, and loneliness to a lot of people. We all worry about if we have enough time to do what we want to do, do we have enough money, will our friends and families enjoy our efforts. And then there are those of us who do not have the pleasure of having people in our lives to share this time with and it brings out anger, resentment, and deepens the loneliness and pain. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New year is a good reminder of what we as Christians need to do and represent! Which are Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and most of all Father God, the Creator of all! We would not have those holidays if not for Jesus.

Jesus was born to a woman named Mary in Bethlehem, and a man named Joseph. (The Book of Matthew –John in the Bible) If you have read the Old Testament you see how good God is and how sinful humans are… We were given a gift. This man was born only to die for us, so that we may be forgiven, get Gods full blessings, the Holy Spirit, and go to heaven. Did we ask this of him? No… God gave us the ultimate gift, eternal life! Not only that but he showed us a living example of what we are meant to do. I can’t put it more simple then this. We are to Love one another as he loved us!

It is so easy to accept the gift of eternal life, and all that comes with it, all we have to do is accept Jesus into our lives. This can be done in a very simple prayer. “Jesus please come into my life, my heart, and show me your love and path for me.”

Now what does all this have to do with you, Christmas, and New Years have to do with Jesus? Well first Jesus was born on Christmas day ~ Christ- mas.. And Christ gave his life for us – The best gift of all. If you read, or recall Jesus was the first to receive gifts, Gold, Frankincense, and Mir from the three wisemen. But the main tradition of gift giving was said to have started thanks to Saint Nicolas out of kindness and care made toys for those in need.. (Without God we wouldn’t know what Love and kindness really is, and he grasped it). His works of kindness were inspired by his faith in God, and thus the tradition of gift giving continued.

And Last but not least New Year’s is dated by the calendar systems based on dates solar and faith based BC and AC, what does that mean? BC is Before Christ and AC you guessed it is after Christ. So much of our history and future have Christian faith the cause of it, good and sadly many bad. We are human after all and we make mistakes. That is why we need Him, Jesus in our lives. With the New Year we see the chance to change things in our lives and become better. We make resolutions. (A lot we don’t keep.) However we try and we feel fresh and alive and excited. With Jesus we become a new creation and we get a fresh start too. With him we are always forgiven and never alone. It is like a new year, but a new life a blessed one, with a companion at our side. Every New Year, and Holiday season I am reminded of his awesome power, is intense over flowing Love, and his ever giving Grace and Mercy… Thank you God for being in my Life!“All things are possible though Christ Jesus!” ~Philippians 4:13

(Even our new year’s Resolutions XD)

It is our job to take the past, His story, and our faith and to be living examples of God’s love, his grace, his mercy, and kindness. We need to stand up for our faith and yet not force it on others. Let God use you, and direct you. I like how the actor playing god in Even Almighty says it “How does one change the world? With one random act of kindness at a time!” (ARK) That sounds easy enough right? Think about it, look around you, and see what you can do. It doesn’t have to be big, and you shouldn’t brag about it. It may be something really small like a compliment or giving water and food to a neglected animal. What you do could change their life in a huge way, you may never know…

A pastor once told us a story in church that has never left my mind, of how the littlest things can have huge effects…. (Forgive me if I am saying it wrong, this is how I remember it.)

There was a man questioning his meaning in life, wondering if he would live or take his on life and at the end of the night he told God. I will end it all unless you exist. “If you do when I turn this corner there will be a man walking on his hands down the street.” Now it was very early in the Morning and another man was walking down the street from the other direction and God said to him “Walk on your hands around this corner.” “But God I am going the other way and it is early he complained, and I am tiered” “God again instructed him to do so.” Thought the guy thought it was crazy he figured no one would see him so why not. AND HE DID as God told him. Just then a guy drove by and saw him; the guy on his hands was extremely embarrassed and stood up once more. The driver suddenly stopped and rushed over to the other man and told him his story about what he had told God and how he was surprised to see him. The young pastor then thanked God and the two men became friends and brothers in Christ.

Now this is a rare story, but it shows us how God works in mysterious ways and though we may doubt him we should follow His lead. Just make sure it is him and not your mind directing you, if it is you will know by the peace you have inside. Think of all those in need, more so then you, what small thing can you do to make a difference in their lives?

John 10:10

The devil comes to steal form you, to Kill you, and to Destroy you, but I come to bring you life and to bring it Abundantly.

That’s all for now,

God Bless you, Merry Christmas, Happy New year, and Thank you for reading.

~Deeply Rooted in Him Staff Member,

~*The Lady Bug