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Walking With God, Spreading the Good News, and Deepening our roots in His word together.

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Good morning everyone, God bless you today and always! For I know the plans I have for you plans to prosper you prosper you not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. -Jeremiah 29:11-  ❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💝

The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father’s God, and I will exalt him.
~Exodus 15:2

A year ago today…. things are different but the overall feeling is kinda the same. Tho I am at a different place I’m still waiting on God. He has a master plan! Even if the road is bumpy with lots of turns and detours; remember to keep praising Him and to keep joy in your heart. Especially when it is hard. I know the last thing I want to do is get in the way of God’s master plan for me. I’m sure His plan is way better than any I could come up with. Even though things get tough and we get tired. Don’t give up! Keep Fighting!

I am walking out in faith, Trusting God that He will make a way where there seems to be no way….

 God is always with you. “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” ~Hebrews 13:5(KJV) God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. ~Psalms 46:1 (KJV) I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. ~Psalm 34:4 (KJV)

I am letting go and Letting God. I can’t take on everyone burdens like I do, on top of my own.. I’ll  break my break going like this…  It causes me to  be mean to those I love… I am sorry! So here is is God.. Take it all I will rest in you and Trust you and I will stop trying to carry these on my own…… Thank you God! I  give you all the Glory!!! I praise you!!!



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This Tested My Faith

As I sat there in the waiting room of The Hospital, for annual Heart  checkup I was fine. I was enjoying one of my favored past times People watching. A woman in a wheel chair came though the double doors with an oxygen tank and suddenly I was 12 again waking up from he comma weak frail tiny and barely able to move… Then I was 16 being told I needed another surgery and my heart wasn’t what they had hoped it would be…. Memories of my operations, doctor visits, and bad news filled my mind and panic filled my body…. What if they said I needed surgery again… My family couldn’t handle that, I don’t think I could either…. Once every year I have to face my worst fears and wait for the results… I  started having An anxiety attack, bu it turned into a full blown panic attack..  I couldn’t breath  the room was spinning I felt like I was gonna throw up and I wanted to run far away…. Where the hell was my strong courage? I felt like I was a bad christian, because i didn’t feel like I had any faith at that moment….  I sure as heck needed it at that moment… I just kept saying over and over in my head,  with my eyes closed trying to calm my breathing

– I do not have a spirit of fear but of Love Power and a sound mind 2 Timothy 1:7

Have you ever experienced a panic attack… I really hope if you haven’t that you never will… They say Its caused for me  by Post traumatic stress, but its also hereditary. My great grandma, my mom, my little sister and I all have  Them from time to time. Its when your adrenaline suddenly kicks in for no reason pus more… Really for every one its a little different and I have yet to have the same panic attack twice, there is  always a variation.  I don’t know for sure how  much time went by But when my name was called I was finally able to gather my senses and calm down a bit. I said  yes and no at the right times  stood on the scale and was almost myself again by the time the tests were to start… I was having an Eco-cardiogram, an EKG  standard. They didn’t want me to do the 24 hour heart monitor like usual which was nice.   I was  nicely informed  that during the Eco-Cardiogram they were going to try  something with an iv if I consented…  That panic attack started coming back worse then before…Not a huge deal. Those test are way better then  A Heart-Catheter or other tests they could have done that I have had in the past. But the devil s a lair  putting negative thoughts in to our mind, and sometimes we don’t see them as lies right away… But they have no power unless we speak them out….  I told her I needed a min and she kindly left the room. I took authority over my Body and told It I refused to have a panic attack and I would do this, and God would get the Glory for the work He is doing in me and That I would be ok, no matter what the Drs said.

When she came back I had a smile on my face and I was mostly normal… (whatever normal is)  Mostly, I had to considerate on breathing slow and I kept repeating the  verse in my head over and over in between  praising God for all He has done for me so far and all He is currently doing in me and Telling Him my Life is His to use how He sees is best. I knew my family was praying for me and I prayed for them to have peace and to know  It would be ok….   The Iv test they did was actually really neat.. They injected microscopic  bubbles into my blood stream and it light  my veins up. It was  like tuning on a light inside my body….  Bubbles in your veins can be problematic, yes.. But these were super tiny and a dr. was there the whole time… They said it has something to do with how the liver reacts to the air.. Which makes it possible and they worked their way out fast with no side effects…


I actually have issues talking about this because I know how much it hurts my mom and family to revisit this part of my life… One of the reasons my personal fulls story book is still not done. But if it helps you  Then I will do it. I am who I am because of all I have gone though and Tho I like to think my strong wall of faith is impenetrable… Which it usually is… On days like this I find it  is tested..   At the end of the appointment I got the  good news my heart looks good. Praise God!!! But for those hours I was doing all that I could, my very best to hold on  to my faith and my  Promises  from God so I wouldn’t loose it.  If you have been though some thing that has tested your faith  like this, I commend you… It is not easy.. And it doen’t make you a bad christian… We all worry, fret over things… Even Jesus was tested.. Matthew 4:1-11 We are no better then Jesus…. Trials come and Go, its how we handle them that is important…  –Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  –  I’ve been reading the book of Proverbs and its all about how we as Christians should be and who we are,and who we are to Christ You should really read the Bible. It is where I  get fed and filled with God’s love. If you don’t have a bible there are  online ones, As I linked above and lots of phone apps… I suggest you find a way to get your hands on one, online or off. They  are not to hard to find and well worth it..  You are loved, and you are not alone, whatever you are struggling with or dealing with you do not have to do it alone…. Reach out to someone,  if you don’t know who  message me I’ll listen, I’ll pray with you for you, and I will help you find others who can pray with you too. You are awesome and struggles are real… Life is hard but  God is always With you!

   God Bless you today and Always!

♥Amy Jane Sandberg



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You have to Love yourself.

It is so important to remember to love yourself. You are awesome and lovable! God doesn’t make mistakes and He made you. So don’t forget that and start realizing how much you mean to others and how important you are! We all suffer through hard times and depression, but you can choose to fight back. Tell yourself  how awesome you are and don’t give up on yourself! God has not give up on you! –Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. – The Lord appeared to him from far away. I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you. ~Jeremiah 31:3 (ESV)

John 3:16- For God so loved you, He gave His only begotten son Jesus, so that you may be saved!




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Every day is Unique

Every day is unique and important. Things may not very much but there are changes happening all around. Sometimes we may feel stuck and frustrated with how things are and going. However, don’t give up keep fighting for a better place to be . Make the most out of what you have and don’t let depression or fear steer you away from your goals or dreams. God has a plan for you if you let Him.


God bless you today and always!


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Lets be Honest….

Amy Jane's World

Hello Dear friends,

I haven’t been writing here or on for several reasons…‬. I have been very busy catching up on the ‪‎”Deeply Rooted In Him” – Book, which will be the next one I will Publish. I was stuck with a particular chapter for a little bit. Along with fighting personal battles: sickness, depression, and loneliness. I know all the Bible verses and but you have to choose joy vs sadness and that you have to stay tough. Even though I feel like I’ve been beaten up by circumstances, people, the devil over the many years I’ve lived. The Devil comes only to Steal from you, to Kill you , and to Destroy You! But I  (Jesus) comes to bring you Life and to Bring it Abundantly! ~John 10:10

I don’t know id you are anything like me but I hate being sick I really really Hate…

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I have been…

I haven’t been writing here #DeeplyRootedInHim. I have been very busy catching up on the #DeeplyRootedInHimBook I was stuck with a particular chapter for a little bit. Along with fighting personal battles: sickness, depression, and loneliness. I know all the Bible verses and but you have to choose joy vs sadness and that you have to stay tough. Even though I feel like I’ve been beaten up by circumstances, people, the devil over the many years I’ve lived. (John 10:10) I hate being sick, but it has given me the opportunity to gather my self control (because let’s be honest we all lose it at times and believe the Devils lies) and help me refocus my energy and mind towards God so the can put on the armor that I’m supposed to wear (Ephesians 6) and keep fighting through life. I wasn’t going to say any of this to anyone but I feel it would be better to be honest and possibly help someone then to keep it to myself. It’s really hard to bear your inner thoughts and emotions that sometimes we people need to confide in someone. I choose you my friend’s. I’m not asking you to pick up my burdens. I gave them to God and let them go. I am just saying We need to stick together and build each other up. that’s how God made us to be. And today I found this picture today and it was perfect for what I need and I hope it will be perfect for what you need. I’m still fighting sickness but I’ll be better soon in Jesus name!


God bless you today and always! 


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I long to do His work…

I’m a woman who has been through a lot. I have a strong faith in God, and I want to encourage you to build your faith and deepen your roots in Christ. I started this blog in 2006  The original goal was to bring hope and encouragement. But over the years I wrote enough to be a book. So for the past two years That’s what I have been working on. I’ve edited and expanded the posts and more. Please feel free to check out the blog. I pray that the book will be done soon. It will be for for everyone. 📝💬

I have been traveling a lot Since October and life has been very busy. My foot was broken for 7 moth but It has finally healed… It seems things are finally settling down again and I am able to sit down and write more. The book “Deeply Rooted In Him” Is coming along slow, but its in the editing stages.” I am not sure about the book cover still. But I will be publishing though again. I really love their quality.I may buy a marketing package with this one. As well and am Debating if I should use kick-start, Go-Fund-me or something like that. But I don’t really feel conformable with asking people for money.. Which is why I haven’t yet. God is my source and I am asking Him to Provide the funds I will need when I need it. “Deeply Rooted In Him” and “God Supplies and Miracles Happen” I didn’t write for me but for you. In hopes that God will use me to help you with questions you may ask, your faith, and other needs you may have. God is Love, I long to do His work.



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The only way.


For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life John 3:16 Jesus loves you with an everlasting love and His arms are open wide waiting for you to join the family. If you don’t know him today ask Him to reveal himself in your life and open your heart and eyes so that you can see how much He loves you! Ask Him into your life.


💞God bless you today and always!


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Sometimes walking in faith is like doing a football death crawl blindfolded with someone on your back. We can’t see where we are going. But doesn’t mean that we should give up. We need to give it our all and do our best. God’s working for us. We can’t give up. Before we reach the end zone! Nothing is Impossible for God. Philippians 4:13 #FacingTheGiants


💞God bless you today and always!


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If you look, you will see it.


That is what I am always telling people.. Every one has a unique and special role to play. Everyone has unique experiences that could help other. Not everyone has to write a book, just be yourself and embrace the life that God has blessed you with. Life is hard but you are not alone. You have God, Jesus and the people who are in your life. Only you can choose how to live and make the most of what you have. Every one, including you, has a purpose and is important!
💞God bless you today and always!