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I am sorry I have been so quiet lately.  Life keeps us busy and we get sidetracked. I will be working on keeping a better schedule with updates and posts. I often forget about the blog because of our Facebook page. I plan to work harder to not let that happen. A year 2018 ago this month we decided to do some Vlogs. Well, I  Amy, did. I made a  Youtube channel and a twitch account. I uploaded two videos to start with. Then we had a family emergency and things were put off till Christmas 2018 when someone else “Gratefully Restored”  decided she wanted to join in on the vlogs.  We got a camera and a program and did a few test runs. I am extremely excited to say the first vlog this year will be posted later today on our Youtube Channel.  You can find all our links below.  I hope you will be blessed by our hard work and love for you all.

You can find our links off this blog here :



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