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Due to unknown error I have been unable to update my blog on WordPress via my laptop. I have been doing so on my Samsung galaxy mega. However it is really difficult to edit and write a full post. Thus, I’ve been posting short things here, in the group,  and on my Facebook tagged below.I will have a post or two this weekend I pray. God bless you today and always!

1922018_679328152113147_2211037346319389213_nThank you Jesus for dying on the cross so that we may live! John 3:16

Nothing is better than meditating on God’s Word after a long hard day. I like to read along well I listen to live Bible Gateway app. I’m currently studying with the hospital I started and Matthew and I’ve been jumping around between the four books right now I’m in John. The gospels of you don’t know are the Bible books: Matthew Mark Luke and John. I prefer to study in the King James Version, or the New King James Version but there are several versions that are very good what division version English standard version the NIV version what is your favorite translation of the Bible?


                                                   💞God bless you today and always!



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