Deeply Rooted In Him

Walking With God, Spreading the Good News, and Deepening our roots in His word together.

God is always with us♥

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amys lil vulture

God is always with us. I shouldn’t be surprised, but when things get hard and I get disappointed, start to panic, or I start stressing- God shows me He’s here and it’s going to be ok. God has a unique way of communicating with us. Everyone differently. Of course He talks to us through: discernment in the spirit, through peace, and when we take the time to listen. But I believe that He gives us little reminders too. Between God and me it’s Vultures. My favorite Bird. They are very ugly yet beautiful creatures. They get along nicely with other spices, they only kill what is dying and only eat what’s dead. {Every Creature and person has a purpose.} Without them we’d surly miss them. Anyways, God shows me that He’s there through Vultures. I am dealing with my dad’s health the doctors gave there worst case scenario, as they must. I was struggling to hold it together. I took my wallet out of my purse and put it in my pocket. Then I took take my nephew to get drinks and snacks. When I pulled out my wallet from my pocket  to pay , on my finger was my Vulture finger puppet. (Something I bought from a missionary group that was  hand made by the locals they were helping.) I was surprised how it got in my pocket let alone on my finger. I’ve had to have been God! And earlier this morning when I was getting ready to go to the hospital for my dad’s surgery I got on Instagram  for a few minuets and there was a picture of a Vultures. God is so good! He loves us so much! And He’s always with you. He gave us His only begotten son Jesus Christ. (John 3:16) By His stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53: 5) The devil comes to steal kill and destroy; but I come to bring life and to bring it Abundantly! – John 10:10 A The Shepherd watches over his sheep. I am the Good Shepherd! – John 10:11


Author: Amy Jane Sandberg

~God Bless You!~

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